Get your music noticed on social media.

SongRender is an online video creator that makes your music look as good as it sounds. You know your song's a hit — now you just need people to pay attention. Create a video

Made for musicians, by musicians

SongRender is a music visualizer maker that makes it easy to create awesome videos. Just upload your artwork and song, customize your waveform and export for social media. Who said promoting your music online had to be hard?

Customize your video
Don't limit yourself to generic templates. SongRender lets you upload your own background and customize any aspect of your music visualizer.
Live preview
Other apps make you click "buy" and hope for the best. With SongRender, you can play your video as you edit it — right in your browser.
Made for social media
Export your video sized for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, or in full 1080p HD. Promoting your music has never been this easy.