Your audio has never looked so good

Whether you need a music visualizer, a podcast clip or something else,
SongRender makes it easy to create stunning videos.

Effortless video creation

  • Drag & drop video editor

    Easily add images and audio, then edit right in your browser. Your video will look perfect in no time.

  • Endlessly customizable

    SongRender's audio visualizers, progress bar animations, graphics and fonts let you stand out from the crowd.

  • Cloud rendering

    Don’t worry if your computer is up to it. SongRender uses super fast servers to render your videos in the cloud.

Beautiful graphic design

  • Layers

    Multiple waveforms, album covers, episode art, text… SongRender gives you the control to make the video you want.

  • Outlines

    One color just isn’t enough. Put an outline around your waveform or image to really make it pop.

  • Images

    Who said waveforms had to be a solid color? Use an image to fill or outline a waveform, or any other layer.

Powerful audio visualization

  • Advanced music visualizer

    SongRender’s music visualization algorithm is finely tuned so your visualizers come out looking great.

  • Customizable waveforms

    Visualize your audio with multiple waveform styles and fine-grained control over their appearance.

  • Multi-band EQ

    Filter out unwanted frequencies so your visualizer only shows the audio you want it to.

Easy social media export

  • Social media ready

    Export your video for any platform — YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Stories, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or in full 1080p HD.

  • Audio highlights

    Can’t fit everything in a single post? SongRender lets you trim your video to highlight the perfect clip.